• Garton Projects will maximise your efficient use of work space with our space planning service.

Whether your business is relocating to a new office or refurbishing existing premises, the working space needs to be planned in an informed and considered way. There’s a lot to consider when changing or creating a new office layout. Get it right and you have a new office that functions well and is fit for the future. The success of any space planning exercise depends on high quality consultation, including detailed analysis of the existing space or new premises, assessment of services requirements and preparation of budgets and designs.

By utilising our expert space planning skills, Garton Projects will maximise your efficient use of space and provide advice on future requirements and considerations. We start each project by listening to and understanding individual, departmental and organisational requirements, before identifying how to make the best use of space. We appreciate how expensive commercial space is; having more than you need is wasteful and costly, having too little can seriously impair performance of the workforce. Garton Projects focus on incorporating forecasted growth into our space planning services. This forward-thinking approach enables inevitable future change to be as painless and cost effective as possible.

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On behalf of us all I would like to thank you for attention and diligence in getting the premises to a position where we can open tomorrow. It was great that you met the timescales that we hoped for. We really do appreciate all your efforts and those of your team and the great spirit of cooperation.

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